Hello World! My name is MF and you’ve just made your way to my pilot project: ‘Without Industry’

I have been an active member of the Montreal Urban Arts Scene since 2001. Initially I was adamant fan and theatre student which eventually led me to become a radio host/DJ, music journalist, multimedium artist and most recently a videographer. I have a deep love for the artistry that comes out of this city and became obsessed with documenting. Over the years I got to know the ins and outs of the urban arts industry here and quickly realized that there isn’t one. At least not one that can sustain its artists. For some reason (or many reasons) it isn’t possible for urban artists in Montreal to truly expand their artistry and making a living without leaving the city. With this project I hope to get a better understanding of the history which led to this situation, give the community a place to voice their concerns, find out where these issues truly come from and explore possible solutions.

I have any information you’d like to relay or questions about the project, feel free to give me a shout at withoutindustry@gmail.com


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