Without Industry

Without Industry Ep.2


Hey hey y’all! Welcome to the second episode. So glad to have you following the series. This week we dove into Montreal’s music scene and industry from the perspective of the Black community in Montreal and explored how urban renewal and Expo ’67 had a significant impact on the industry and communities.

I used quite a few snippets from documentaries and videos this week so if you want to watch the original in full here’s the list of links to everything I sourced:

  1. Clip from interview with Wes Montgomery about Nelson Symonds
  2. Clip from interview with Charlie Biddle in ‘An Improvised Life’ 
  3. Clip Archive of Expo 67 Ad 
  4. Clip from interview with Rhona Richman-Kenneally about the Legacy of Expo 67
  5. Clip from Documentary ‘Show Girls: Celebrating Montreal’s Legendary Black Jazz Scene’
  6. Clip from ‘Ninth Floor’ Trailer 1 & Trailer 2
  7. Clip from interview with Jaggi Singh ( QPIRG Concordia)
  8. Clip from interview with David Austin


*** yo, so low key (not so low key) I am obsessed with this track from The Melodians.