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Highlight: Body Slam

2 weekends ago, I had the chance to go see an awesome urban dance collective from the city: Body Slam. I was able to get some pretty great information about the dance scene in Montreal by interviewing the founder Greg Selinger, but I’m gonna keep that footage to myself for the moment since it might end up in the documentary but I did want to give you guys a sneak into their performance. Press play above.

Wanna know more about this collective. Here’s their bio:

What is Body Slam?
Body Slam is an interdisciplinary exploration into human nature. Our investigative tools are breakdance, contemporary dance, music, noise, conversation, prose, and poetry, and much, much more. Gazing deeply into the present moment, we dive into improvisation, composing our shows on-the-spot.

Our History
Body Slam’s improvisational structure began out of necessity. Having 6 performances booked for the 2011 Montreal FRINGE Festival, but with a summer schedule filled with numerous personal commitments in creative projects, I invited all of my favourite hard-working talent to join me in composing pieces on the spot. Because of their own hectic performance schedules, some artists would make guest appearances in Body Slam for as little as one performance. Improv experts and solo virtuosos were challenged to work together, leading to sincere and often hilarious performances. The transparent nature of our work often allowed the audience the opportunity of being part of shaping our creation.



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