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Stage 1

Remember how I was telling you guys that writing the grant proposal really helped me structure this project. Well one of the outcomes of that was that I realized I’m gonna need to divide my 1 year timeline (Yes fingers crossed this film will be out around this time next year) into five stages: Research & Training, Shooting, Editing, Promotion and Screening.

As of October 1st, we’ve been in the Research & Training stage and will continue to be here till December 31st. So far it’s been great and I’ve been getting awesome feedback and opportunities but it’s all from well, my network. I know I’m social and all but I really don’t know that many people and I really do want to give the most accurate representation of the Montreal Urban Arts scene as I can so .. HELP!! I need you guys to tell people about this project. Tell your mama, your mama’s mama, your cousin’s friend of the neighbour they had in elementary. No but seriously I need to expand Without Industry’s network so this film can really represent this community so I’d appreciate it if you guys took a second to tell a friend about this project and send them to this blog where they can learn about the project and CONTACT ME!

I’m currently looking to interview

-Jazz Musicians/Club Owners/Music Journalists/etc. who were around in the 1940s-60s

-Current (and Expatriates) Visual Artists/Dancers/Musicians who consider themselves part of the Montreal Urban Arts scene

-Industry Workers including Club Owners/Record Labels/Magazine Editors/Art Galleries/Dance Companies/Soundmen/ Radio Host/Bloggers/etc.

-Fans of these artists and the scene!!

If you fall in any of those categories please send me a message at withoutindustry@gmail.com, I’ll get back to you asap and hopefully I can get to hear your story.

If you don’t fall into any of those categories please feel to send me a line at¬†withoutindustry@gmail.com anyway. Maybe you wanna share a good article or book I should read or just give me your thoughts on this project. Feedback is always appreciated so holla at me.

Much Love. -MF



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